• Open – New Management

    The restaurant is OPEN in 2011!  A new menu will be added in mid-January.

    -Site Admin

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  • Chuseok Is Coming!

    Chuseok is coming next month… September 22, 2010. In Korean letters – hangul – it is written: 추석. It is a big harvest time in the Korean culture, and in South Korea it is a holiday. You can read more about Chuseok here on Wikipedia.

    We’ll be celebrating all week! Visit us at our bigger website with menus and directions: www.sahmohjong.annyong.net (Click here).  Our phone number is (703) 451-8030, and we are located at 7048 Spring Garden Dr., Springfield, VA, 22150

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  • New Sahm Oh Jung website for 2010

    We have this new website, and will keep it up to date with the latest news.  The other website (www.sahmohjong.annyong.net) will also have the current information but most of the new photos and articles will be put here on SahmOhJong.com.

    Tomorrow is the lunar new year, also known as the Chinese New Year, and is celebrated in Korea… happy new year!

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